Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Good Warm Sad Blood
Spilling Out in the Forest"

A conversation with Heather Christle, Hannah Gamble, Matthew Rohrer, Zachary Schomburg, and Matthew Zapruder.

Check out Gulf Coast's conversation (here) with these fine poets. This is probably one of the best conversations I’ve ever read about “surrealist” or “absurdist” poetry. These contemporary and extremely influential poets tell all, and explain the misused term “surrealist.” They’re searching for a new term and I like that idea. Comparing their work to French surrealists is awfully confident on what their work might represent. I vote for something comparable to film terms, “The New-Absurdist” or “Post-French Surrealism” or “New American-Surrealism.” These are all extremely silly, but it’s fun to try and think of something new.

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